dragon ball super episode 118

Dragon Ball Super episode 118 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Subbed

Watch Dragon Ball Super episode 118 : Accelerating Drama A Universe Disappears…!

Gohan and Piccolo struggles against Universe 6’s last warriors Saonel and Pirina attacks them desperately. Piccolo exercises a plan to attack their enemy that they won’t expect.

This week: Frieza raging for the robbed-up delight!?

Frieza tries to attack the immobilized Zarbuto and his team-mates. However, Frieza goes furious when Goku hit Zarbuto and his comrades out of the arena by a kamehameha wave!?

Saonel and Pirina are the namekians from Universe 6. Zarbuto is the mustache guy from universe 2. We have been assuming ever since Kafla was eliminating, that Universe 6 would be the next to go. However, Universe 2 seems to be in bad shape as well now.