dragon ball super episode 120

Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 120 :”Perfect Survival Strategy! The Deadly Assassins of Universe 3!!”

Apparently, Universe 3 is going all out as well, and they’ll likely be eliminating a couple of fighters from the Tournament of Power as well. Even then, I don’t think Universe 3 is going to be in it for long. They’ve got to go, and there’s just no way I think they’ll be winning the Tournament of Power. Universe 4 might encounter Universe 3 warriors. However, at this point, I think it’s best for everyone to just go for Universe 7, since However, that ultimately ends up becoming the reason for everyone’s elimination, because so far, Universe 7 has made more eliminations than the rest of the 7 Universes combined. It is possible we might even see a Universe get erased in the next couple of episodes. I strongly believe that Universe 4 is the next to go, but we’ll find out soon enough.they’re the most tired.