dragon ball super episode 32 english dubbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 32 English Dubbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 32 English Dubbed: “The Matches Begin! We’re All Off To the “Planet With No Name!

On Earth, everyone gathers for the trip to the tournament. Goku and Vegeta arrive after having trained in the Room of Spirit and Time for 3 years. After stopping at Beerus’ planet to get both him and Monaka, everyone proceeds to go to the tournament. The group meets their competition who are all somewhat unusual. This includes a Saiyan with a radically different history as well as a fighter who looks like Frieza. After the written test, the Universe Seven team is left one team member down because Majin Buu falls asleep. Majin Buu is deemed unfit and disqualified. Beerus decides that Monaka will go last. After a round of janken, it is decided that Goku will fight first, followed by Piccolo, and then Vegeta. Goku and his competitor named Botamo (ボタモ), who is a giant bear-like creature, enter the tournament ring.