dragon ball super episode 121 spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 Spoilers”Fusion Reborn”

The Tournament of Power has been going on for a long time now, and we’re down to the last 13 minutes right now. Many powerful warriors have already been eliminated, and there are those like Jiren who you just know are going to be the final obstacle for our Universe 7 warriors. When you look at it, fusion has been a big part of the Tournament of Power, especially from Universe 6.

We’re finally going to see Universe 4’s might, when they go all out against Universe 7, and they even manage to eliminate at least one member from U7 team. Spoilers for Episode 120 confirm that Universe 3 will also join the battle against Universe 7. Basically, everyone is just targeting Universe 7 because they’re the most tired.



dragon ball super episode 121 spoilers says:

“Episode 121: All out war!! The four-way fusion vs All out attack of Universe 7!!” credits to @KenXyro for the translations. Note that the titles will only stand to be legit when the scans are out. There is a chance they might even be fake. But, in any case, I think we’ll be seeing a new fusion. I think it’s possible that we’ll see a Damom and Gamisaras fusion. Both Damom and Gamisaras are from Universe 4.

They’re also powerful, and especially hard to track. If they do fuse, well probably see them becoming an even bigger problem in the future of the Tournament of Power. They’re already hard to spot, and even harder to sense. Their fusion will make them stronger, and who knows, maybe they’ll become even harder to spot. However, that also means they’ll have one warrior less. If Universe 4 lose Shantsa, they’ll basically be left with just the fusion of Damom and Gamisaras.

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