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Dragon Ball Super Episode 126

Transcending God! Vegeta’s Self-Risky Blow!!  

Vegeta challenges “God of Destruction” Toppo!

The cornered Toppo demonstrates the true power of a God of Destruction Candidate! Aided by Jiren he attacks Vegeta, but Vegeta challenges Jiren with breathtaking continuous attacks at full powers! Who will be the winner?

An absolutely hopeless situation!

17 uses rocks as a means of attack while Frieza uses his psychic abilities to try and beat Toppo! But despite this Toppo counterattacks and brings down both of them!


“No. 17 and Frieza desperately battle against Toppo, who has unleashed the power of destruction. Goku and Vegeta draw near while keeping up their rush attack against Jiren, the arena collapses, and things become one big free-for-all!”

Thanks to Yonko Production who provides above-mentioned spoiler details. From the short summary, it looks like the episode would start with Toppo’s power up things.

After Dyspo and Gohan’s major loss, remaining Z-characters i.e. Frieza and Android 17 will go against Toppo who proves his candidacy to become the next God of Destruction.

Spoilers also revealed that Vegeta is not done with Jiren yet. His newly found Limit Breaker Blue form seems way stronger than his regular SSB form and probably that of Goku’s Kaio Ken ability.

The Prince of All Saiyan will do anything to beat down Jiren and that’s impossible because DBS almost reach its ending and will conclude the ‘Universal Survival Arc’ on March 25.

Even though he attacks the Pride Trooper at his fullest strength, fans expected to see Goku’s fullest Ultra Instinct ability which is at least now is the key visual for the Tournament of Power.

Another spoiler takes us to Toppo vs No. 17-Frieza’s brutal war. Latter God of Destruction finally shows us his deity powers which could be a threat for Z-Fighters. So is this an end of Frieza and Android for good?

As per the elimination order, No. 17 is the next warrior to drop out from the ring (forgot about Gohan’s bad luck). Fans also want to see Frieza’ major plan to use Goku to do his mysterious job. So I think Frieza could survive the strategy and will continue his dirty job.


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